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November 22, 2018

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Despite being one of our most vital organs, liver health continues to be overlooked and ignored… with increasingly tragic consequences.

“Liver disease affects a staggering 6 million (almost one-in-four) Australians , and liver cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the country with 1400 deaths every year,” said Melanie Eagle, Chief Executive Officer of Hepatitis Victoria.

This burgeoning health crisis has led Hepatitis Victoria to expand its remit beyond viral hepatitis and to advocate for a broader liver health response.

“There is a compelling need for a consumer-focused liver organisation promoting liver health and awareness in Australia,” said Melanie.

“We are launching two new printed and digital liver health resources today, Your Liver, Your Health focused on general liver health, and a resource that focuses on Cirrhosis.

“These resources give hints and tips on how you need to maintain optimum liver health and fight cirrhosis. My hope is that they will help build stronger awareness and knowledge about the liver in the community,” she said.


Your Liver, Your Health

•      Anyone can develop liver disease

•      There are many options for prevention, treatment and management

•      Act now to detect liver damage early and avoid further loss of liver function

•      Talk to your GP, get tested, a simple liver test may save your life

•      A healthy diet and exercise will support your liver health

•      Your liver is remarkably resilient, and can often improve even when damaged.


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