HEP Hero KateLouise Howard

November 4, 2020

Katelouise Howard

Registered Nurse 

I’m a registered nurse of 20 years, and have always worked with vulnerable communities. I worked in South Sudan for Doctors Without Borders, and have a background in blood-borne viruses (BBVs), infectious diseases, refugee health and emergency departments. Currently I am working as a nurse with Victoria Police.

I have always been interested in BBV’s, due to a close relative passing away from HIV. There are a number of patients I have seen in my current employment, that go on to Corrections Victoria who have a BBV, namely hepatitis C.

So I volunteered my time at work to refer these patients on to the nurse consultants who assess and treat patients within Corrections Victoria. This ensures that these patients are identified earlier and can be assessed and treated in a more timely manner.

Everyone should have access to health care that is impartial, non-judgemental and of a high standard. Hep C can affect everyone in the community. It is not defined by one’s socio economic status.

Katelouise’s message to others…

Kindness is always the answer and never look down upon anyone unless you are helping them up

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