World Hepatitis Day – July 28

On 28 July 2011 was declared World Hepatitis Day (WHD) – one of nine urgent International Health days highlighted by the World Health Organisation and partners across the globe:

  • WHD highlights the urgent action needed by governments, health workers and the community to prevent deaths from viral hepatitis through eliminating hepatitis B and C by 2030.
  • Across the country and globally we need to continue to raise awareness and reduce the stigma and discrimination of the condition which affects close to 500,000 Australians.
  • We work with a range of partners to host events, including events for the general public, researchers, scientists and clinicians and “at risk communities” where the prevalence of viral hepatitis is high.

Liver Awareness Month – October

October is Liver Awareness Month, recognising the importance of liver health and the causes of liver disease.

Your liver is the powerhouse of your body – processing almost everything you eat and drink. It cleans your blood and helps with energy and digestion, fights infection, and gets rid of harmful toxins. A healthy liver also helps with energy, fights infection, and gets rid of harmful toxins. A damaged liver can’t do these jobs properly, so good liver health is vital.

However liver disease and viral hepatitis have a devastating effect on patients and families. This month we bring you a range of stories, podcasts and articles featuring people with personal experience of liver disease – hepatitis B and C, liver cancer and autoimmune liver disease. These stories highlight the challenges and stigma they have faced, the personal impact, their spirit of survival, as well as what they have learned along the way.

We convey our thanks to all who have generously shared their personal stories.

David’s Story

Jen’s Story

Swati’s Story

Mandy’s Story

Chloe’s Story

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World Liver Day – April 19

Did you know?

  • Your liver is your largest internal organ, performing up to 500 functions to keep you healthy.
  • More than six million Australians are or have been affected by liver disease.
  • More than 7,000 Australians die each year from chronic liver disease.

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