The liver plays a number of essential roles in the human body, including metabolising nutrients, drugs and toxins, synthesising hormones and storing essential vitamins and minerals. What we eat or drink directly affects the liver. Eating well and maintaining a healthy weight can improve liver health and prevent certain chronic medical conditions.


What does a healthy diet look like?
Choosing foods from across all food groups and maintaining a healthy balance. Consuming moderate amounts of food such as wholegrain cereals, fruits, vegetables and proteins like eggs, meat, beans, or fish. Also, avoiding foods that are rich in fat, sugar, salt and oil.

Tips for choosing healthy food

  • Plan your meals and try to give yourself enough time to stock up on the essential food items.
  • Select a variety of fruits and vegetables that you and your family like.
  • Introduce fruits as a snack or dinner.
  • Develop an individualised meal plan that suits you (e.g. adding meat-free days)

Why is it important to eat healthy food?
Various studies have shown healthy eating habits leading to a decrease in the risk of developing certain cancers, heart diseases, and prevent unnecessary weight gain.

It’s important to be guided by a registered healthcare provider, not only a GP or specialist but also a dietitian, for assessment and dietary advice. This will help increase the quality of life and the efficacy of any medical treatments.

Eating Well: A LiverWELL Lifestyle Guide

The Guide is a beautifully illustrated digital book and resource, available for download by anyone looking for delicious recipes plus hints and tips to help improve their liver health.


Endorsed by a range of liver health experts and consumers, the Guide comes at a time when liver disease, including fatty liver and viral hepatitis is affecting an estimated 6 million Australians, and liver cancer is the fastest growing known cause of cancer deaths in the country.

“One of the most effective ways you can tackle liver disease and protect yourself is quite simple, it’s to eat healthy and delicious food. That’s why I strongly endorse Eating Well: A LiverWELL Lifestyle Guide.” – Dr Alex Hodge, Gastroenterologist.

“As someone whose family has been personally and tragically affected by liver disease, I know how challenging it can be to find easy to understand and yet authoritative guidance around how to eat well and look after your liver. This healthy eating guide offers practical and positive assistance at a time when it is most needed.” – Maria Marshall.

Eating Well


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