Volunteer story by Pisey

April 16, 2024

Please share a brief overview on yourself.
My name is Pisey Chea, and I am currently a second-year student at Monash University, pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science. I am passionate about health because it promotes creating better lifestyles, fosters more equitable and resilient communities, and empowers individuals. It also promotes social cohesion and drives positive change towards better health outcomes for everyone.

What inspired you to become a LiverWELL volunteer?
As a LiverWell volunteer, I have had wonderful opportunities to experience personal growth and development. Volunteering has inspired me to advocate for better liver health and adopt a healthier lifestyle to support my liver health. Learning about the liver has sparked my curiosity and interest in research and innovation. Additionally, LiverWell provides valuable information
about liver health issues, such as viral hepatitis, alcohol-related liver disease, and liver transplantation. This has motivated me to engage in public health initiatives and advocacy efforts to promote liver health education, prevention strategies, and access to care in communities.

Do you have a particular interest in liver health?
I am particularly interested in improving liver health overall and learning about different types of liver diseases and how to prevent them. Understanding the side effects and methods to protect the liver is crucial for enhancing health quality in communities and raising awareness about liver health.

Please describe one of your favourite LiverWELL experiences or moments.
One of my favourite experiences with LiverWell was assisting with NHIL data uploads, specifically LiverLine data uploads to the Redicase database. These uploaded databases provide decision-makers with timely and relevant information to support strategic planning and decision-making. By analyzing the uploaded data, organizations can identify customer preferences and emerging risks, enabling them to respond proactively.

What tips do you have for new volunteers?
To new volunteers, I encourage you to embrace all opportunities and step out of your comfort zone. You will enjoy working with the amazing team at LiverWell, who are always ready to offer support and collaboration. Thank you so much to the LiverWell team for their dedication and support.

What’s next for you?
Currently, I am working on another project at LiverWell, which involves planning and supporting World Hepatitis Day and World Liver Day initiatives for 2024.

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