World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day 2022

28 July is World Hepatitis Day (WHD) – one of nine urgent International Health days highlighted by the World Health Organization and partners across the globe.

The global theme for World Hepatitis Day 2022 is ‘Hep Can’t Wait

  • We can’t wait for the urgent action needed by governments, health workers and the community to prevent deaths from viral hepatitis through eliminating hepatitis B and C
  • We can’t wait to reduce the stigma and discrimination of the condition which affects close to 500,000 Australians

Why does this matter:

  • Globally, a person dies every 30 seconds from a hepatitis-related illness
  • The global target is to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030
  • Currently in Victoria hepatitis C treatment uptake is not on track to meet the National Hepatitis C Strategy target of 65% treatment uptake by 2022. Treatment numbers are declining over time
  • The National Hepatitis B Strategy target for people engaged in Hepatitis B care is 50%. Currently in Victoria only 23.1% of those living with hepatitis B are engaged in care
  • Liver cancer is the fastest known increasing cause of cancer death in Australia.


Why July 28?

The date of 28 July was chosen for World Hepatitis Day (WHD) in honour of the birthday of Nobel Laureate Professor Baruch Samuel Blumberg, discoverer of the hepatitis B virus and developer of the first hepatitis B vaccine based on research of the Australian antigen.

Our campaign

Following the tradition of lighting up monuments and structures in green around the world for World Hepatitis Day, Melbourne’s Bolte Bridge and Soundtube on the Tullamarine Freeway will be lit up in green for World Hepatitis Day, as well as the catenary lights on Malop St in Geelong, the Ballarat Clock and fountain, and the Bendigo Conservatory.

LiverWELL have launched three videos for a World Hepatitis Day 2022 social media campaign. These are around the actions that everyone can take for their liver health, and getting tested and treated for hepatitis.

Incentives partners can download the poster and add their own event details.
World Hepatitis Day event poster

Incentives to support community events across the state

LiverWELL works with a range of partners to host events, including events for the general public, health care organisations and  ‘at risk communities’ where the prevalence of viral hepatitis is high.

These organisations have received support from LiverWELL’s Incentives Program in 2022 to raise awareness of World Hepatitis Day.
See the amazing range of events being organised by our partner organisations:

  • Dardi Munwurro – Information and personal stories on viral hepatitis, with a smoking ceremony for cleansing, with information, guest speakers and a short film.
  • Healthworks Footscray – Service users love incentives and getting involved with their community. A coffee van and discussion with health professionals helps to engage people and raise awareness of viral hepatitis and primary healthcare with clients.
  • Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association VIC – Delivering a talk about hepatitis B and C, and encouraging people to get a blood test.
  • Alevi Community Council of Australia – An information session will be held in community language (Turkish) with merchandise (bags and drink bottles). Catering and transportation of vulnerable community members will be provided.
  • The Salvation Army Flagstaff Accommodation and The Open Door – Our Love your Liver Day event will be a healthy lunch with a quiz. A liver specialist will talk about the importance of liver check ups. Harm Reduction Victoria will also be running a hepatitis workshop at Flagstaff Accommodation.
  • Springvale Neighbourhood House – An event on 26 July combines both North Dandenong and Springvale Neighbourhood House Friendship Cafe. They will have an outdoor event with a bike & blend – where participants cycle to make their very own juice and learn about all the things good for your liver. Vietnamese and Chinese guest speakers will talk about their personal experiences with hepatitis and its prominence in particular communities, with encouragement to get tested. A lunch for participants will feature all foods from the rainbow with every colour highlighting which area of our body it is good for.
  • Vietnamese Australian Foundation – Multiple educational sessions will be held for priority groups focusing on viral hepatitis B and C and liver cancer. The education sessions will highlight transmission, testing and treatment, addressing associated stigma, and common myths.
  • Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health – Education sessions on viral hepatitis will be held at various locations with community groups.
  • Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative – A hepatitis awareness-raising day will be held during the week beginning 25 July 2022. This provides a safe space for elders and community members to speak about getting tested and reducing stigma and shame around this issue. In partnership with local high schools young people will provide ideas for raising awareness particularly around backyard tattooing and body piercing. A dance group will teach a dance to our youth groups to raise awareness hepatitis and promote the benefits of having a healthy active lifestyle. The day will include fun activities like jewellery making, art and craft, live music, bush tucker and more.
  • Barwon Health – The event provides a range of safer drug use information, equipment and orientation to hepatitis C testing and treatment, along with food and nutritional advice via gift bags. This will be facilitated by Mental Health Drugs and Alcohol services, harm reduction team, and Barwon Health Liver Clinic consulting staff.
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