World Liver Day

19 April marks World Liver Day 2024 – a day where we aim to raise awareness of our liver health and how we can better support the hardest working organ in our bodies

19 April 2024 is World Liver Day.

Let’s shine a spotlight on the incredible importance of liver health.

Did you know that healthy livers:

  • Perform up to 500 vital functions to support our health, including filtering toxins, aiding digestion, and regulating metabolism.
  • Have the remarkable ability to regenerate and replenish lost tissue.
  • Not only clean our blood and aid in digestion but also synthesise essential proteins for blood clotting, immune function, and nutrient transportation.

And yet, despite being the second largest organ in our bodies, awareness of its wellbeing remains limited.

The rise in metabolic problems like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure in Australia and globally is contributing to significant increases in liver disease and liver cancer. Liver cancer ranks seventh in cancer-related deaths in Australia, with rising rates.

Metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD) affects at least 1 in 4 people in Australia, which makes liver cancer risk much higher and is the top reason for liver transplants.

The good news is that with early diagnosis liver disease is treatable, and liver cancer can be avoided.

Basic actions like maintaining a balanced diet, moderating alcohol intake, and staying physically active can effectively maintain your liver’s health.

Show your liver some love!

This World Liver Day, let’s make time to value and nurture our livers. Here are some suggestions for what you can do:

  • Participate in liver health screenings or check-ups to assess your liver health status.
  • Explore our Liver Health resources below and educate yourself and others about liver health by sharing information and resources.
  • ‘Flip Your Mindset’ and make healthy lifestyle choices such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and re-thinking your drinks. Your liver will love you for it!
  • Support liver health initiatives by donating to LiverWELL to help provide resources and support for those affected by liver diseases.
  • Share our social media tiles to spread awareness and encourage others to prioritise liver health. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X and Tik Tok.
  • Visit worldliverday.org to learn more about the global movement connecting communities, doctors, and policymakers to promote liver health.

By taking these actions, you’re not only caring for your own liver health but also contributing to the broader effort to raise awareness and support for liver health initiatives.

#WorldLiverDay #WLD24 #StepUpForLiverHealth 

Donate to help us improve liver health for all Australians

With 1 in 4 Australians living with liver disease we urgently need to raise awareness and provide information and support so that people can access earlier diagnosis and preventative treatment.

Our vision is better liver health for all Australian’s and, with your help, together we can make this a reality.

Whatever you can give will help reduce the devastating impact of liver disease. Thank you!

Flip Your Mindset!

Did you know liver disease affects 1 in 4 Australians?
Living well while you’re young helps to keep your liver healthy.

Check out our health living guide for young people to learn a few tips and tricks to keep your liver healthy!


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Liver Health Resources

Explore our Liver Health Resources below to gain valuable insights into caring for your liver and managing liver conditions. Equip yourself with the understanding needed to care for your liver health.

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