Keeping Young Livers Healthy

August 12, 2022

The objective of International Youth Day 2022 is to amplify the need for action across all generations to achieve sustainability and leave no one behind. The day also raises awareness of certain barriers to intergenerational solidarity, notably ageism, which impacts young people and the elderly while having detrimental effects on society as a whole.

The Global Report on Ageism launched by the United Nations in March 2021 highlights that young people continue to report age-related barriers in various spheres of their lives such as employment, political participation, health and justice.

This International Youth Day, LiverWELL aims to highlight liver health issues and barriers faced by children and teenagers.

Young people are at risk of contracting diseases such as hepatitis C through activities like backyard tattoos and piercings, and injecting drug use.

Did you know liver disease affects 1 in 4 Australians? Living well while you’re young helps to keep your liver healthy. In 2021 LiverWELL developed a Healthy Living Guide and poster for young people to encourage early adoption of healthy lifestyle approaches. The guide provides information on how to eat well, be drink aware, feel well and get active. The guide is available in English and Simplified Chinese.

You can find the guide here.

For a confidential chat with a member of our team, call the LiverLine 1800 703 003 for more information, support and referrals related to liver health. And to learn more about International Youth Day 2022 click below!

International Youth Day
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