Commemorating World Aids Day

December 1, 2022 - December 1, 2022

The global theme for World AIDS Day 2022 is ‘Equalize’. WHO is calling on global leaders and citizens to boldly recognise and address the inequalities which are holding back progress in ending AIDS; and equalise access to essential HIV services, particularly for children and key populations and their partners – men who have sex with men, transgender people, people who use drugs, sex workers, and prisoners.

Inequalities still persist for basic services like testing and treatment. We must ensure that everyone, everywhere has equal access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care. Health services can and should be adapted to reach and meet the needs of populations most at risk and affected, and this includes implementing a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to stigma and discrimination in all health services.

For World Aids Day, LiverWELL aims to bring attention to blood-borne viruses, as well as testing and treatment options. Viral hepatitis progresses faster and causes more liver-related health problems among people with HIV & AIDS. HIV and hepatitis B are spread in similar ways. Because both HIV and hepatitis B are found in blood, semen and vaginal fluids, these infections are transmitted:

  • by having condomless anal, vaginal or oral sex with an infected person
  • by sharing needles, syringes and other injecting equipment with an infected person
  • from mother to baby during childbirth or breastfeeding.

HIV cannot be transmitted by a person who is on treatment and who has low levels of virus in their body (referred to as undetectable viral load). In other words, there is no risk of HIV transmission through exposure to blood during sport (or through sexual contact) from a person has an undetectable viral load.

Hepatitis C is spread through blood-to-blood transmission only but is not thought to be sexually transmitted unless blood is present.

It’s important to treat your hepatitis right away if you are HIV positive, even if you feel fine. As HIV-positive people are more prone to severe liver damage if their hepatitis goes untreated, and can even lead to cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Hepatitis is a major non-AIDS related cause of death among those who are HIV-positive.

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World AIDS Day 2022
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