Drink Water to Give Water: The Water Challenge 2022

March 3, 2022

Are you a coffee addict, beer drinker or soft drink lover? The Water Challenge is all about giving up pleasurable drinks for water, to support your own health and give back to communities that don’t currently have access to clean water.

The rules are simple, you can only drink water for the month of March, this includes plain soda water. You aren’t allowed to add anything to your water except for fresh fruit or herbs – tea bags, and cordial are banned.

Does giving up all drinks seem a bit scary? You can choose just one category!

  • Caffeinated drinks: Leave out all caffeinated beverages for the month – that means tea, coffee and caffeinated energy drinks.
  • Alcohol: Lose the booze for March. Time to say bye beers.
  • Sugary drinks: Say sayonara to all soft drinks. That means anything with a fizz (except plain soda water).

If you’re finding the challenge too difficult or have a special event coming up warranting some Champagne or an early morning coffee. You can purchase a  ‘Raise a Glass’ pass. A $24 donation to your page earns you a full day off! Make the donation yourself or ask the workmate who scheduled that early morning meeting to pay up (and enjoy your coffee without guilt).

Just remember, each ‘Raise a Glass’ pass only lasts for one day. Get back to drinking water the next day – your body will thank you for it!

Register via The Water Challenge website and make it count by sharing your page and achievement with family and friends to help provide water to those without access to sustainable drinking around the world.

To read more about the benefits of limiting or removing alcohol and sugary drinks from your diet, visit our Drink Aware webpage.

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