HEP Hero Ambi Kaur

September 4, 2018

Ambi KaurĀ 

Refugee Health Nurse

I am a HEP Hero because: I believe in taking the discrimination out of any interaction between those who have and those who do not have (from blood borne viruses to skin colour)

I work in primary care as a Refugee Health Nurse. I am honoured to meet all new migrants and those seeking asylum due to their strength, survival and for journeying to Australia. I have learnt much about humanity from my clients. I am and will always be grateful for that.

My journey as a Refugee Health Nurse involved recognising that there were a large number of migrants in Melbourne who did not have access to health services but were from countries with high incidence of hepatitis B.

For example international students, skilled & unskilled migrants and others who arrived with visas other than the humanitarian visa.

The quality of the message is paramount when delivering information to any population/family group or individual. If the information provided is practical and relevant, then it will make the application of this knowledge less stressful for these groups.

Ambi’s message to others:

The more you know the less mysterious Hepatitis becomes. With knowledge comes confidence, which in turn contributes to improved health.

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