LiverWELL Mid-Career Research Fellowship on liver cancer genes

November 10, 2022

Associate Professor Naiyang Fu at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research has been awarded the Victorian Cancer Agency – LiverWELL Mid-Career Research Fellowship. He will use the funding to investigate the potential of a gene as a biomarker and therapeutic target for liver cancer patients.

LiverWELL CEO Russell Shewan said “We are thrilled with the introduction of funding for mid-career cancer researchers, promoting and building capacity into low-survival cancers like liver cancer. The grant for research into liver cancer has been made available through the Victorian Cancer Agency in partnership with LiverWELL, and the new research will support the state’s Victorian Cancer Plan 2020-2024 which aims to improve cancer survival rates and achieve equitable outcomes in Victoria.”

Overview of the research from AP Naiyang Fu – Primary liver cancer, a malignant tumour that starts in the liver, is now the third leading cause of cancer-related death globally. Due to the lack of valid approaches for early detection, ineffective therapeutic options, and a high rate of metastasis and recurrence, it remains a heavy burden for the community. We recently found that a gene called TSPAN8 is highly expressed in liver cancer and plays an essential role in cancer development. Based on these novel discoveries, this project will conduct translational research exploring the potential of TSPAN8 as a non-invasive biomarker and effective therapeutic target for liver cancer patients.

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