StreetShot 2017 Art Competition Winners

August 22, 2017

Most Outstanding Video Award 

HEP-Cya from Wodonga TAFE

Hepatitis C, test yourself.

Outstanding Video Award 

It’s bloody hepatitis by Eric Seychell & Zac Joan from Brunswick Secondary College

This video was created in order to show the possible danger associated with doing drugs that could lead users to run the risk of getting Hepatitis as it can be transmitted through blood. Sharing needles is something that is common among drug users and is a serious potential health risk. Justthis week in Victoria, the first clean injection rooms were opened which will provide some progress to solving this issue although education is still needed in order to inform the masses about why it is such a key issue. Hopefully this video can help others learn about the dangers of sharing needles and how it relates to Hepatitis.

Video: People’s choice Award

Most Outstanding Photography Award…

The main emphasis of this photo is the two jars the girls a wearing, the red jar representing healthy blood cells and the yellow jar mimicking Hepatitis C cells. Jars are symbolic of entrapment and being closed up, which is what people with Hepatitis C struggle with. It is not an easy thing to open up about this kind of problem, and it’s important that we give our loved one’s support when they feel like they’re the odd one in the crowd. As supporters, it is our job to help victims of Hepatitis C take off the lid of their emotions and share the burden they feel with others that care and love them for who they are.

Outstanding Photography Award

C is for Curable by Meg from Upper Yarra Secondary College

A hepatitis C diagnosis, doesn’t have to be a death sentence. No matter how bad your hepatitis C gets, with treatment 95% of people will experience a full recovery.

People Choices Award

1 in 4 by Amy from Upper Yarra Secondary College

Hepatitis B is one of the leading causes of liver cancer. Having Hepatitis B affects your liver, causing cirrhosis, which leads to liver disease, which can then lead to cancer. 1 in 4 people with Hepatitis B will die from liver cancer if they do not seek treatment.

Outstanding Photography Group Award

Home Job by James, Jess, Shamah and Alex from Wondonga TAFE

This photo shows a person being tattooed with a well known home tattoo method. The question mark represents that he has no idea where the needle has been or if it is clean, and the text implies that home tattoos are not worth paying less than a professional shop.

Photography: People’s Choice Award

 Gang by Denzel, Jelsma, Voltaire and Emanuel from Victoria University Secondary College
Gang by Denzel, Jelsma, Voltaire and Emanuel from Victoria University Secondary College

If you’re gang affiliated, don’t be hep C humiliated.

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