StreetShot Arts Exhibition and Competition winners 2023-2024!

February 13, 2024

This year we are running our annual StreetShot arts exhibition a bit differently!

Throughout 2023 and 2024 we received a number of amazing artworks from young people right across Australia. It has been awesome to see different interpretations of viral hepatitis through various mediums including photography, drawing and painting. We appreciate the hard work that has gone into creating these pieces and wanted to show them off.

For the first time, LiverWELL will be presenting all artworks from the StreetShot Arts Competition in a roving exhibition that will be travelling across three locations in Victoria. We’re excited to be raising awareness of viral hepatitis through the creativity of young people and we hope you can come along to see the work for yourself. If you can’t make it however don’t worry! The exhibition is also available to view online.

Judges selected winners based on the artwork, the title, as well as the meaning behind the art.

The different categories included:

  • Best positive message
  • Best diversity and inclusion
  • Best awareness raising against stigma.

WINNERS of the 2023-2024 StreetShot Arts Exhibition…

Category: Best positive message

Is it worth it?

by Sienna, Payton, Alesha, Lexi

The risk of catching hepatitis is very high if you get a unprofessional tattoo. Hepatitis is spread through blood to blood contact and if tattooing equipment is not clean the risk of infection increases. The safest option is to always go to a licensed tattoo parlour.

Category: Best diversity and inclusion

Silent Killer

by Isabelle, Cienna & Samara

This picture shows how hepatitis can be a silent killer. 350,000 Australians have hepatitis and a lot of them don’t know that they have it because you don’t show symptoms straight away. Almost 300 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis b worldwide but only approximately 10% of infected individuals are officially diagnosed. It is a silent but deadly virus so if you are worried, get tested.

Category: Best awareness raising against stigma (tied)

Silent Killer

by Mia

This drawing shows how hepatitis is slowly killing a living liver and that it can effects even if you don’t have any symptoms. 350,000 Australians have hepatitis and don’t even know.

Category: Best awareness raising against stigma (tied)


by Isabelle, Cienna & Samara

This image is about the use of protection during sex to prevent hepatitis B and other STI’s. Hepatitis B can be contracted during sex by sexual fluids (Sperm & Vaginal Fluids) or blood during sex (Period blood or rough sex).


All artwork from this year’s Arts Competition (and previous years) will be displayed at the StreetShot Arts Exhibition which is travelling across Melbourne in 2024!

Want more information about how to get involved in StreetShot? Learn more about our program below!

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