Volunteer story by Salila Sakulrak

February 7, 2023

Salila Sakulrak

Volunteer of the Month, January 2023

Please share a brief overview of yourself

My name is Salila Sakulrak, originally from Thailand. I just graduated with a master’s degree in public health from the University of Melbourne. Apart from this, I had experience working in HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis research in Thailand for 6 years

What inspired you to become a LiverWELL volunteer?

My decision was based on three simple reasons. First and foremost, I want to contribute to the society in which I currently reside. Second, I wanted to help a team by utilising my knowledge and skills, as well as my long-standing interest in liver diseases. The last reason is that I want to gain more new experiences related to liver diseases in Australia or Victoria.

Do you have a particular interest in liver health?

The contexts of liver diseases are different in specific areas, for example, factors, patterns of diseases, prevention and control, and policy. In Thailand, all my work was related to research in treatment and testing to support our further guidelines. But, when my interest in public health grows, I feel like I really want to dive into public health related to hepatitis, e.g., health promotion, and community engagement.

Please describe one of your favourite LiverWELL experiences or moments.

The best part is the opportunity. The StreetShot Mapping project is intriguing in and of itself. It exposes me to real-world skills, like understanding datasets and hepatitis programs. I also had awesome support and, more importantly, trust from LiverWELL staff (Pippa) during my contribution.

What tips do you have for new volunteers?

Becoming a volunteer can give you a chance to make a difference in the community. Moreover, it offers you more understanding of yourself, skill improvement, and a boost to self-esteem. So, do not shut yourself off from great opportunities you can see! and try to ask yourself, “What are your interests and what do you want to enhance?” At least, give it a try! You will definitely find the answer at the end of or during your volunteering.

What’s next for you?

My current plan is to continue volunteering at LiverWELL while also looking for a public health job in Australia that does involve hepatitis, HIV, or tuberculosis.




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