My Liver Health

LiverWELL’s My Liver Health Program is part of a larger liver health focused program with different components aimed at self-managing your liver health.

This free program provides healthy lifestyle coaching sessions to support people interested in optimising their liver health as well as those looking to manage their chronic liver conditions – including cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, fatty liver and a range of other liver diseases.

It is also open to friends, family and carers of those living with chronic liver disease. Managing a chronic condition can be isolating and confusing, this program gives you the opportunity to meet individuals with common goals and build a support network.

How can the My Liver Health Program help you?

  • Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to take control of your own health journey.
  • Learn to identify good sources of health information.
  • Learn the latest on healthy lifestyle interventions from expert speakers.
  • Hear our lived experience speakers share their personal experiences with lifestyle inventions.
  • Unpack tips to better manage your liver health.
  • Learn to set realistic health goals and put your health goals into action.
  • Engage in productive discussions with other participants and grow your support network.
  • Navigate through key areas of intervention with short topic-focused sessions.

The Program

My Liver Health Program is comprised of a series of free 5 sessions:

  • Session 1: Health Literacy and Goal Setting
    Learn all about how to set goals for your future using health related skills.
  • Session 2: Eating Well
    Get tips on how to plan meals and create healthy dishes that will support healthy liver function.
  • Session 3: Getting Active
    How to get active with liver related diseases, or to prevent disease.
  • Session 4: Drink Aware
    Learn more about how alcohol affects the liver, and how to drink responsibly with a liver related disease.
  • Session 5: Feeling Well
    Get insight on how to maintain emotional and mental wellbeing.

Each session will run for one hour. You can register to attend a session of your choice.

Our Speakers

The My Liver Health Program has a range of speakers who can offer expert advice on a range of topics. These are the speakers from our most recent program.

Getting Active – Shelley Lask

Shelley (she/her) is a personal trainer with nine years’ experience in working with a weight inclusive approach through her business Body Positive Health & Fitness. With qualifications in both fitness and disability, Shelley is passionate about self-compassion, inclusive, evidence-based care and supporting people to enjoy moving their bodies in ways that are meaningful to them.

Feeling Well – Patricia Gallagher

Patricia Gallagher is Gallagher Psychology’s Principal Psychologist and Director. Patricia is a Registered Psychologist who has a special interest in seeing adults and adolescents, as well as families and couples.

Drink Aware – Alexandra Tourney

Alex is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research at Latrobe University. Her research includes the role of price in alcohol trends, with specific interest on low-cost beverages and the impact on consumption levels.

Eating well – Bec Stone

Bec is a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer and former national level athlete, who is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals to reach and maintain their optimal health. She is highly-skilled in using food as medicine and is passionate about all areas of nutrition. Bec is particularly interested in gut health, female hormones and sports performance, and weight management.

Goal setting and Health literacy – Chloe Pedley

Chloe is our Health Promotion Team Lead; she has lived experience with setting health goals and working to achieve them. In her spare time, she is a personal trainer who motivates people to achieve their health goals, one step at a time.

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