Volunteer story by Sunidhi Kadam

February 16, 2024

Please share a brief overview of yourself.

I am a Master of Public Health graduate from Monash University and a dentist from India. Currently, I am Transitioning from clinical practice to healthcare administration. I serve as a Practice Administrator and Dental Assistant, overseeing seamless operations and prioritising excellent patient experiences.

Drawing upon my academic foundation and practical experiences, my aspirations lie in improving community health outcomes and fostering equitable access to healthcare. Whether through research, policy advocacy, or community engagement, I am committed to addressing multifaceted public health challenges and promoting well-being for all.

What inspired you to become a LiverWELL volunteer?

The inspiration to become a LiverWELL volunteer stemmed from a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the community. Additionally, learning about LiverWELL’s mission to promote liver health education, raise awareness, and provide vital resources resonated deeply with my values and aspirations to contribute meaningfully to public health initiatives.

The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals dedicated to improving the well-being of others further fueled my motivation to get involved. Ultimately, becoming a LiverWELL volunteer was a natural extension of my passion for health advocacy and my commitment to serving others. I am honoured to be part of such an impactful organization.

Do you have a particular interest in liver health?

While I may not have specific expertise in liver health, I am genuinely interested in learning more about it. I recognize the importance of liver health in overall well-being, and I am eager to expand my knowledge in this area.

My interest stems from a broader passion for understanding and promoting health and wellness in all aspects of life. I believe that by becoming more informed about liver health, I can contribute to raising awareness and advocating for healthier lifestyles. I am excited about the opportunity to explore this field further and to potentially make a positive impact through education and advocacy efforts.

Please describe one of your favourite LiverWELL experiences or moments.

One of my favourite LiverWELL experiences was assisting Alain (Health Promotion Officer) in conducting the ‘Burnside Chinese Group Education Session’. We provided educational resources to attendees and heard a presentation by one of the lived experience speakers, who shared her journey of living with viral hepatitis.

It was rewarding to see the impact of our efforts firsthand as individuals engaged with the information provided. This experience served as a powerful reminder of the critical role we can play in raising awareness, providing support and making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

What tips do you have for new volunteers?

Volunteering offers a chance to learn and develop valuable skills. The experience gained through volunteering can be transferable to various professional and personal contexts, making it a rewarding investment in your personal and professional growth.

So seize the opportunity to broaden your skill set, expand your knowledge, and make a meaningful impact in the community through your volunteer work at LiverWELL!

What’s next for you?

I am eagerly anticipating advancing in my career as a public health professional and leveraging my skillset to contribute to the promotion of general health and well-being within the community.

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